Approach for the productivity improvement with the soft-headed Sor persol technology staff

Kleen-Tex Japan is located in a suburban area, and has difficulty securing IT Engineers near their region, Persol Technology Staff have been supporting Kleen-Tex Japan by utilizing remotework IT engineers to accelerate their business flow.

Background:Kleen-Tex Japan is seeking a possibility of making “DX(Digital Transformation) come true. However due to their location, there was a difficulty in securing IT engineers who has deep knowledge and experienced. Although Kleen-Tex Japan has decided to make “DX” happen (renew their business processing flow and services) with the support of external contractor to accelerate their business, they had a difficulty to secure them because they are located in an area which takes 2 hours from central Osaka. Persol Technology Staff suggested to proceed their project by remotework from their office and started trial period from last October and officially participated in the project from this April.

Overview:IT Engineers who is at Persol Technology Staff office in Osaka is proceeding the project remotely.Nothing changed before and after the emergency declaration for COVID-19 from Japan. The range of works for Persol Technology Staff was investigation, designing web services and development. Depending on the workload, 1 to 2 engineers worked 2 to 3 days a week remotely.

Some examples to carry out remotework

  • Direct connection from outside via VPN tunnel to access core system
  • Flexible communication using Microsoft Teams
  • Working in a secure confined area when talking about confidential information

Starting this April after the emergency declaration was announced, engineers started to participate in development from home with unchanged flexible and clear communication.

We solved the difficulties of remotework such as chain of command, securing confidential information and labor management, by sharing mid-term goals and creating WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) between Kleen-Tex Japan and Persol Technology Staff.

Accelerating Business Flow and Customer Engagements – Kleen-Tex Scenario Kleen-Tex Japan is aiming to improve productivity and build “flexible and modern workplace to support the management and sales department”. For that purpose, the business flow in between customers, customer service, design team and production should be automated and the customer experience on their self-managed full-customization design tool should be accelerated by gaining them the best creating mats experience.

To develop the new platform and services, Persol Technology Staff will continue to assist Kleen-Tex Japan through remotework.

Efforts made from Persol Technology staff; After the spread of COVID-19, there were cases in which it became difficult to get a contract (workplace) for contract engineers due to temporary business shrinkage. In Persol Technology staff, there are around 500 IT engineers working from home at the moment. Persol Technology Staff is actively working on remotework engineers so that even in an emergency, it will not affect the productivity of the company and will lead to creating a diverse working environment.